WSOPoker Day 25, Event #40, $1500 Mixed HE

And a WTF?!? by Harrah’s I was super excited for this event. I got there at 4:45 to register and the lines were long. I didn’t get to take my seat in the hot, scary ass (wind) pavilion until 5:10. I first saw Shannon Elizabeth at my table, and we had a good laugh about how we’re dead money blah blah blah. Then as I was sitting down I noticed James Van Alstyne to my immediate right. “Hi James!” We caught up a little. Then I noticed Eric Froelich to his immediate right. Nice table draw. NOT. I counted my chips, 2975, as I had just missed my big blind and was currently being dealt into my small blind. That was the most chips I would ever see. We saw a free flop, I held the Q7, it came Queen high, I bet, got popped, and I folded. Next hand I saw a flop with the A4, and I lost that hand too. Next hand James opened to 75, I made it 250 in the cutoff with AJ, and he called after some thought. The flop came AKx all rainbow. He checked, I bet 350, he made it 1k, and I insta-called. I made a mistake here by not being aware of his stack. This c/r left him with 850. I should have either moved him in or mucked it IMHO, probably mucking. Anyways, the turn was a T, and James checked. Weird. I’ll take the freebie to the nuts. River a 9, and he put the rest of his chips in. I can’t beat anything at this point except Ax or a bluff, and decided to throw the hand away. Always feels good playing a hand bad pre-flop, on the flop, and on the turn. At least did something right on one street! LOL. I then managed to never get my stack back above 2k and was busto 15 minutes before the first break.

From there I met Kenna, Lupo, Lara, Angie, and Joy at “Money Plays” to play some more shuffleboard and other shenanigans. Towards the end of the night my friend Thomas wandered in by himself. He has been a dealer at the Wynn for as long as I can remember, and has been working the WSOP full time this summer to raise some additional money for his wife and child. Thomas has always been a fantastic dealer, and is THE best dealer that I have had this year at the series. He’s dealt to me two downs and the table was always impressed.

So last night he says to me, “I just got fired.” The reason: He couldn’t work overtime. His shift had just ended and the D/C asked him to stay on longer and work overtime. He said he can’t becuase he works at the Wynn in 90 minutes and wants to get some food. They then say, “You’re fired.” He said that they have been needing a ton of dealers to work doubles because many dealers have been calling in for whatever reason. He was upset because he himself could have called in and not been fired, but since he wouldn’t work overtime he got fired. This was about an hour before he had to be at the Wynn to deal all night.

I’m not sure what to say about that. I specifically asked him what the rest of the story is, because that just sounds too out there to be all the truth. I asked him if there was any history between him and the D/C, etc, etc… He said that the only thing was that he called in one time himself.

Today is cash games day, tomorrow is the $2k LHE, and wed is the $2k O8. Wheeee!

Peace and good luck,


WSOPoker Day 23, 24, Event 37 $2k PLHE & 38 $1500 NLHE

Spinning the tires in the mud I never had a chance in the tournaments and there really isn’t anything I could have done with either of them.

The $2k PLHE started off with me being very active and actually getting some very good hands, but this got players to call me down with marginal holdings and then caught on me every one of em. I was busto by the first break. I then went to play some cash at the Bellagio and ended up winning $1100 playing 10-20 NL. From there Jason, Jen, Lara, and myself went to this mediterranean joint to have dinner and smoke some hookah, and that degenerated to shuffleboard and pool at the bar, then everybody left and I found myself drinking a beer with Maria Ho, Nick Shulman, Joe Cassidy, Jen Harmon, and several other people at the Bellagio sports book bar. Maria and I headed to the Rio to buy in for the 1500 event, and I needed to spend some time to sober up, so we did that by playing 50-100 Stud 8/Omaha 8. Maria and I lost $1100 each.

I made it in time to get the cards in the air for the $1500 event, and pretty much the same thing happened. At one point somebody asked me, “Why do you bluff so much?!?” I then explained to them that “It’s not my fault I never get any good hands. I have to be creative to win my chips!” I had the greatest image ever, but they broke the game before I could actually make a hand. From there I busted two short stacks in the 100-200 level, lost a pot, and pushed over a bettor with QJ on a JTx flop, got called by the bettor with KQ, and gg me.

I then left there to play some cash at the Wynn. I played 5-10 NL, flopped quads twice, had action on the flop and turn both times, and still ended up losing $275 without ever playing a big pot. I then left to meet Kenna for some shuffleboard, met some buddies in from LA, then headed to Capo’s for some grub. We were joined by Lara, Dutch, and Lupo for dinner. Had great times, headed home, and then me and my LA buddies went out on the lake for a while. Woke up today, bout to eat, and playing the $1500 Mixed Hold’em event at 5pm.

Peace and good luck,


WSOPoker Day 22 – Event #34 $3k LHE, My end of day 2.

falojopeijnaefoankmdoaifjaopfmeaokfnaofmnasodkfmaoe What a day.

I learned something in the first twenty seconds I was awake today. When you set your alarm clock, make sure that you set it for the correct half of the day. For example, if you set your alarm for 2:30 for a tournament that starts at 4pm, make sure that you set the alarm for 230pm, not am. I realized this at 4:09 pm as my already short stack was probably being blinded off. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!

On the way in I decided that this was a good thing. I was missing all the hands that were supposed to bust me. I arrived in my chair at 4:38pm, good for the fastest time ever completing the following tasks:

1) Wake up, realize you’re an idiot.
2) Put on clothes, unsure if they’re clean or not.
3) Uninate.
4) Find all things that belong in pockets.
5) Get in car, drive 20 miles to strip, make it through traffic due to accident, traffic due to too many people on the freeway, and traffic due to too many people on the streets.
6) Run across Rio parking lot and break massive sweat.
7) Run down unnecessairly long hallways to WSOP room.
8) Sit in seat and make fun of self.

I folded several hands, and then played my BB, winning it on the turn. My 10,700 had dwindled to 8300 upon arrival, and now I was back to 11k. OK.

Then, Crazy Mike and I flipped some coins. I won both. Devo = +$100 net.

Then, I doubled with AA vs. Richard Brodie’s KK. 26k.

Then, I busted a guy when I flopped a set. 35k.

Then, I won some small pots. 40k.

Then, Crazy Mike and I flipped some more coins. I won both. Devo = +$300.

Then, I flopped the nuts with A 3 on a 2 4 6 flop in a battle of the blinds against Brodie once again. We capped the flop and he called me down. 55k.

I went into the first break with 52,500, good for 5th in chips, 63 players remaining.

Last week I went into the 1500-3000 level in the 5k LHE event fourth in chips, 60 remaining. I took 40th that day.

Today I took 42nd.

How in the hell do the wheels on the bus fall off that badly twice in ten days?

Nothing I could have done either.

The two hands that irked me the most were these:

Folded to me in the SB, I raise Brodie’s BB, he calls. I have 8 5 . Flop 9 5 2 . Bet, call. Turn 8 . Bet, call. River 7 . Check, check. I table my cards. “Oh, you have two pair? Wow. Nice hand. . . . . Oh…. I’m not trying to slowroll you, but I have a straight.” He tables 5 6 . I know he wasn’t trying to slowroll me obviously… he would’ve bet the river. But I still wanted to puke.

Very next hand I get AA on the button, I’m visibly upset from the previous hand, everybody folds, I raise, and the blinds fold.

Poker’s so stupid.

Those were the last chips I was awarded in event 34. :Sigh:. Ship the $200 last longer to Crazy Mike, and I profit $200 in prop-betting for the tourney (I won another $100 in flips shortly before I busted).

In other news, I may be looking for a backer for the rest of the series. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Tomorrow is the $2k PLHE at noon. I [invalid card] pot-limit.

Peace and good luck,