WPT Reno, TV Final Table

So blessed… Man, it’s hard to put into words what I’m feeling. The last blog was a pretty good stream of consciousness in my opinion… this journey has been so incredible and amazing that it’s very difficult to put into words what I’m really feeling.

Grateful. Lucky. Blessed. Stoked. Those are the first ones that come into mind.

So, after that barf blog, here’s what happened.

I went to bed Thursday night expecting to wake up to a message knowing who was sponsoring me at the final table. I needed to get that taken care of before I went to make-up at 2pm. Maria called me at 11:15 and asked me about the deal, said she was on the phone with Vanessa Russo talking deals at the moment. I said see what you can find out and went to get a hold of Matt.

Turns out he got stonewalled and couldn’t make anything happen. Crap.

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Bellagio 5 Diamond WPT – Event 3 $3000+120

Bellagio 5 Diamond WPT – Event 2 $2500+120