WPT Reno, TV Final Table

So blessed… Man, it’s hard to put into words what I’m feeling. The last blog was a pretty good stream of consciousness in my opinion… this journey has been so incredible and amazing that it’s very difficult to put into words what I’m really feeling.

Grateful. Lucky. Blessed. Stoked. Those are the first ones that come into mind.

So, after that barf blog, here’s what happened.

I went to bed Thursday night expecting to wake up to a message knowing who was sponsoring me at the final table. I needed to get that taken care of before I went to make-up at 2pm. Maria called me at 11:15 and asked me about the deal, said she was on the phone with Vanessa Russo talking deals at the moment. I said see what you can find out and went to get a hold of Matt.

Turns out he got stonewalled and couldn’t make anything happen. Crap.

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Bellagio 5 Diamond WPT – Event 3 $3000+120

Bellagio 5 Diamond WPT – Event 2 $2500+120

WPT Reno End of Days Two and Three

:-) This sure has been fun.

This is all going to explode into some sweet blog someday.

But probably not right now. But who knows. I’m sitting here listening to my friend Ryan Ahern play the piano through my Bose sound dock.

See? I’m practicing talking about sponsors.

So, tomorrow I’m gonna get paid a minimum or $10k for wearing a fucking logo.

I gave up on being famous like six months ago. And y’all bitched to me about depressing blogs and what not… but damnit, I was a selfish cocky asshole about twelve months ago.

I’m glad it’s taken this long.

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WPT Reno End of Day One

17/75 remaining “World Poker Challenge WPT Event
Reno, Nevada
March 25-28, 2008

9 4 4 8 A
Flop Turn River

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This Will Only Be Funny…

… To Those Who Know Reno/Poker So I really feel like blogging, but it’s 8:45 from the start of the main, plus I don’t feel like writing, so here goes.

This is the list of random crap that I have noticed while in Reno.

In order of them coming off my head…

1) In Reno, there is this fetish with faucet knobs going the wrong way, particularly the cold knob. In this entire hotel and every random bar/casino restroom without automatic faucets that I have been in here in my entire 9 day stay thus far, I haven’t found a cold water faucet in a bathroom that turns on to the left. You know the saying, lefty loosy righty tighty? Works on bolts and everything that twists in this world? Yah, not in Reno. The hot water faucet turns on by twisting left, while the cold water turns on by twisting right. It’s especially tilty in the shower when you go to turn if off, which usually ends up in cold water hitting your back as you yell some colorful metaphor.

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Reno: Days 1-5

Good blog, long read Alrighty…

First things first. We need USC to beat Kansas State. And, while we’re at it… how bout Duke, Washington State, and Texas A&M. That would push us to a perfect 12 and 12 thus far in my $100 bracket pool. Gogogogo…

I figure that I have some run good in something due to come soon. Since my fantastic week in the middle of February I’ve lost like 30k straight or something gross like that. Maybe even 40k. Sunday was the worst Sunday I’ve had in a looooong time, cashing in nothing and going off in the 100r’s. I was done so early that I decided to head to downtown Reno, a place that I have not been since I was 16.

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