WPT World Championship $25k, my end of day 5, and Coachella

Mmmmmmmm hippie time…

“The kid wins a hundred thousand dollars and all he wants to do is go be a hippie for the weekend.” Thanks Rick for putting is to eloquently.

It’s true though. I didn’t realize how emotionally drained I was from Saturday. I had done everything in my power to completely block it from my conscious thought and focus entirely on poker, and I feel like I did a good job of that. I looked like I should have felt though all week, just a complete wreck. I am thrilled with how I played, bummed that I could not have gone further, but when I left the Fontana Room for the last time this April I just felt like, finally. Finally I can take a breath process some things. I left the Bellagio, ended up going to this new outdoor mall called Town Center, and just walked around in a haze. I was numb. It was a pretty weird feeling, something that I have never experienced before. I felt just completely drained, like the lights were on and nobody was home, I need to go sleep for eighteen hours and then sit on the couch for a week kind of feelings.

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WPT World Championship $25k, end of days 3-4

So far, so good…

In two hours I return to the Bellagio to play day five of the WPT World Championships. That’s pretty exciting, eh?

I tried to get out a blog last night but it just didn’t happen. My mind has been so fried after these things that for the most part anything resembling “work” has been out of the question. It also hasn’t helped that I really haven’t had anything too interesting to write about as far as the play goes… here’s what I got so far.

Day 3: I bust Barry Greenstein in the first level (again). Now, after busting him in reno, I posted that picture of the book… cool right? Well, this other dude posted a gag picture, says “Mine looks a little different”, and it’s basically Barry cussing out the guy. Pretty hilarious and creative especially when you know Barry, and everybody including Barry got a kick out of it. Here’s what he wrote in this one (note: his punch line is the same as the forgery):

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WPT World Championship $25k, end of days 1-2

Man we’re playing good these days. It’s the end of day two and I have the second most chips. 393k. It’s been a fun journey getting here.

With what happened this weekend I was way more anti-social than I usually am. I usually answer too honestly when people ask me “How are you?” I didn’t really want to talk about it – mostly becuase I have zero clue what these emotions are going to look like. I spent every break in the car. This definitely helped my focus, although I think that I came off as a bit nittier.

The structure in this tourney is like the best ever. There’s a big jump next level, going from 1k-2k/300 to 1500-3k/400, but other than that they’re all there starting at 50-100 with 50k behind. Super deep. So, I develop a super lag image, part cards, part the general nittiness of tourney players this deep. Unknown raises to 700 at 100-200 with about 35k behind. I flat A T , and we see a flop heads up. I flop a flush draw, he bets, I raise, he calls, turn the nuts, he check calls, river still the nuts, he check-calls all-in. That was nice.

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Fuck today.

Seriously. What was such a good day got fucked up so quickly

Today I gave CPR to a guy for 30 minutes. Within five minutes of me stopping they put a blanket over him.

I really wanted to write but am really angry right now though. Pretty sure that I’m in stage 2 of grieving as I was super shocked/mellow/wow for the last few hours but have become incredibly pissed in the past half an hour. It’s just so fucked up. Dude driving lives, passenger dies, family watches from mini-an in front of the truck. Wife. Kids. Etc. Whole fucking family. There was at least seven of them in this minivan.

I’m going to stop writing now as four letter words are all that I can think about. Perhaps I’ll come back to this later…

Sunday, 20th of April 2008 02:21 AM

K I’ve calmed down a bit. I just watched two episodes of the 2003 WSOP. They played baaaaaaaaad.

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RIP Brandi.


I’m so sorry that we as a community of poker players were so harsh and judgemental with you.

I’ve Always Wanted to Buy An Airplane…


Ever since I can remember knowing what an airplane was, I wanted to fly one. I had my first taste of having an airplane at my fingertips was at five years old I believe. Some family friend took me up in a biplane and let me have the controls for a short time.

I was hooked.

From there I can remember a hot air balloon, and then, nothing. I did not get into an airplane again until March of 2000, my first passenger jet flight. Jared had just started college and was studying aviation, flying once week. It was added to the list of things that I want to do sometime in my life: learn how to fly.

I didn’t seriously think about it until last year. Jared got the itch to finish his private pilot’s license training, and I went flying with Rick in Washington. We kept talking about it, Jared bought me my first flight for Christmas, and we just haven’t found time to do it yet. Enter Reno, some money, and finally we decided we were going to go up and do it. Enrolled Friday, Orientation Monday, and I had my first three hours of ground school today. I did homework for it, reading about 80 pages of a textbook. It was the first time in my life where I have smiled and been excited reading a text book. Tomorrow I go up for my first time in the air. I’m excited. Then a class 3 physical afterwards, and *poof* I’m 5% completed in flight school.

I have this personality trait/flaw where I’m driven, competetive, and impulsive.

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3 dudes, 4 final tables

ship ship!

Ahh, it’s been a good weekend. Friday, after signing up for flight school, which I’m super stoked for, I met Platts at Half Shell and had good eats/talks. Planned on going out, went home, decided to just chill, and he introduced me to Californication. Great show.. watched three episodes. Entertaining and made me think some. Just as I’m about to leave, I get two texts, one each from Gavin and Lisa. One says, “Hi hun, wanna join us for some drinks?” The other says, “Get your ass over here.” I’ll let you guess which one was which. Anyways, got there and Gavin and Layne are playing 8 ball on a bar box for $2k a rack. I was almost tempted to play, but I’m not that good and that’s still ridic high stakes for pool at the bar with friends.

Gavin and I talked about this blog some. He recommended that I write every day, even if I don’t have anything to write about. Personally, I like it better to just write when I have something decent to write about, but I can see how more consistency will be good for a stable reader base. What are your thoughts?

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