The Mountain Town Routine

Things have settled down a bit around here, and even though I still don’t have a mailing address I’m starting to get into a routine. Jared went home last week and Steve left yesterday, so I’m all by myself and free to work. Good thing too because I’ve lost over a dime three days in a row now.

Sunday I woke up early enough to catch the morning tournament schedule. Since Weezer was playing for free that night in Vail, the plan was to play just those and if I made a deep run I play the late schedule too, if not i go see Weezer. I ran deep in the 100r, reg’d for the late schedule, and busted like 5 mins after all the new tournies popped up. Too bad, I’ve always wanted to see them, maybe should have just not played knowing that they were doing the show and I wanted to be there.

Monday I skied Vail and it was fantastic. The weather cleared after 3 days of snow, the crowds left, and the mountain was empty and beautiful with excellent conditions, especially for this early in the season. I made it over to Shangri’la for one of my last runs. It’s a run through the trees in one of Vail’s back bowls that is just a ton of fun. There’s this line under the wire that is zipping through a glade of Aspens, and I was ripping through that when I apparently lost track of the wire and ended up on top of a cliff with no easy way down.

My choices were to jump off a 10′ cliff or hike back uphill in powder somewhere. Easy decision without a recovering knee, but the first time I tried jumping this season my knee didn’t like it. The bulky brace under my snow pants reminded me of the significance of the decision I was about to make. If I was in the back country I probably would have hiked out. But since I was not too far above a catwalk with plenty of traffic, I decided to hit the thing. I stuck it, continued ripping down the hill, and looked like a badass instead of the dumbass that got himself in the spot in the first place.

Had lunch in the Village, drove home over Vail pass and decided to head up to Blackhawk to check out the 30-60 game they have that I’ve heard good things about. It took me 2.5 hours as 4th on the list to get a seat with two running games. In the meantime I played in a 2-5-100 spread limit game, was lagging it up, and then fell for the ol over-limp-reraise aces trick. Fold, call, utg+2 calls, I’m in the hijack and make it $25, folds to the 2nd limper who makes it $125 with like $460 total, and I have two sixes. I’m like, there’s no way he has JJ+ here, take about a minute of thinking and decide that I’m against 22-TT and whatever other BS he can come up with it so I re-raise to $225 and we get it in. He watches the board run out disgustedly, its T high, I feel like I’m winning and he shows me aces. I’d love to describe to you the conversation that followed, but there’s no way I could do it justice. He explained to me why he didn’t like the board, was convinced that I had KK or QQ as was the rest of the table and they talked about it.

It was a weird game with a really strange texture. It was full of Asians and nobody ever bluffed. Big bets meant air and little bets meant the nuts. Before my head exploded trying to figure the thing out I was moved to the 30 game. I played I can’t win for most of the night but staged a last hour comeback to only lose $1200. The game was fantastic, reminds me of the good ol Canterbury days.

Since I skied yesterday, I’m sore today and getting work done. Laundry, cleaning and organizing, work, etc. Going to pick up my laundry by the pound now, then shoot a Poker VT video with my horse, and then I’m hosting the $25k Sniper on UB tonight in lieu of Hollywood Dan. Feeling good.

Peace and good luck,


Let it Snow

It’s tough getting out of this bed on a Saturday morning and therefore I haven’t. My apartment is basically the basement of a house that’s all finished, but it’s got it’s own private entry. It took less than 48 hours for the door to the stairs to the rest of the house that Steve is renting to be opened, so now we basically have a huge house nestled beneath two majestic peaks in the corner of Summit County.

I spent about an hour in that spot, watching shadows dance through snow covered Ponderosas as the sun played peek-a-boo through the swirling clouds. Steve finally got moving so we’re motivated and on the road now to Arapahoe Basin. Breck got 14 inches and Vail got 10, but A-Basin is a local’s hill and it’s Saturday. Since we live here, skiing at major resorts on the weekend is just plain dumb because it’s packed.

I wasn’t able to write last night because we got snowed in after a Dwight Yoakum concert. Vail is holding it’s annual Snow Daze festival, highlighted by free concerts outside. I read that they were outside, but I assumed that it meant in some tent outside and I was wrong. We made it just as the opening act started, The Harters, and we were in a blizzard. The venue looked like it was a summer concert venue, but it was December and blizzarding. Sideways snow and piercing wind, it was pretty amazing. The lead singer said that the show started miserable but quickly turned into her favorite one ever. There was a pleasing visual quality I’ve never seen before, the colored stage lights illuminating the already prismic snowflakes. It was like being immersed in a rainbow strobe light and the beams were cold when they hit your nose.

We took over a vacant vendor’s tent and turned it into our Busto Tent and offered it to all the people who weren’t in the VIP tent. Then the VIP tent blew over and the Harters came to our tent. It was pretty gnarly, we were thinking of calling it and getting back home, and then Edwin McCain started playing. We obviously couldn’t just leave now. It stopped blizzarding about halfway though and just snowed peacefully the rest of the night. Ed was good but I don’t think he can be fully appreciated without a woman to hold against you. I wasn’t interested in the teenagers on my right nor the crazy cougars on my left and went back to the Busto Tent to await Dwight Yoakum.

Just before he came on Captain Morgan showed up. I filed through the crowd and materialized in front of him, he remembered me from the Sports Illustrated charity event at the Hard Rock a while back and we had a sweet small world reunion. He then made a cougar hump my leg screaming “I love Captain Morgan!” to earn swag. Thanks buddy.

Yoakum was fantastic. It was just such a sweet epic show with the crowd and the snow and his fabulous hair blowing in the breeze. We walked back to the car in Vail Village, left the parking structure, and drove to a closed on ramp. Vail pass is closed. Back to the village, park, and go to find food. Pass is still closed. Go to the Red Lion, there’s a line, go to Whiskey Jacks. It’s a club and I’m wearing my ranch hat and shit kickers. Steve was drunker than thirty-seven Indians a fun wingman to have. I was just about to resign myself to being stuck and snowed in and start shooting the Jack when they opened the pass.

I drove back through a winter wonderland to Johnny G’s, making me five for five nights in a row ending up there. I like the place. They play Phish all the time, Johnny is always there and awesome, and the people are good. We stayed for one beer then went home, intent on charging it hard today.

We didn’t cause it’s noon and we’re about to arrive at A-Basin, but oh well, we can. We have passes. It woulda been sweet to catch first tracks this morning with the fresh stuff, but, again. We will.

Worked a bit this week, like 8 hours. Made a couple dimes. TMay made me a dime while I was driving out. It’s been a good week. Life is good.

Peace and good luck,


I <3 Colorado

Friday night I met a couple of friends that I worked with at Forest home down on the strip. That lasted until 7pm when I had to go to my friend’s Christmas party and they had to go to sleep because they were running a half marathon in the morning. I left the party late and woke up to the movers at the door. I didn’t get anything done in the past two days that I needed to besides getting the trailer and that’s okay. We started moving at noon (WE DID IT!!!) and we were on the road around 6pm.

It’s a funny string of circumstances that have lead me here and I’m stoked to arrive. There was still a strong chance that I would have come even if Karri and I didn’t break up. We talked about it and she was fine with it. It certainly turned it from a maybe to a certainty in a hurry. The whole flood thing, and them deciding to hose me, me deciding respond with my thirty days. Kings losing to eight deuce. If I finished in the top 3 in that thing I was going to pay cash for a house in Vegas. I would have been settling in there not moving here for sure. Instead my intentions are to buy a house in Vegas this spring and have it ready to live in by the Series.

First impressions of living here are well above expectations, and I’ve wanted to live here here for seven years. Checked out options last January, confirmed this is the place, and so far so good. I’m basically in the basement of a 3 level house in a nice neighborhood less than a mile from main street, saddled between two majestic peaks and walking distance to the lake and creek. The dude renting the top half is doing the same thing I’m doing. He’s 34 and a trader, can work online. Lived in Del Mar the last ten years wants to give this a shot. He helped Jared and I move in and then we met him downtown for dinner and drinking. It was a fantastic time.

Spent all day today moving in. Finally got it all done except for organizing my desk but I need a chair first. My old one sucked so I left it home. We got 10″ at Breck last night but we were up pretty late and wanted to sleep and settle. Jared pushed his flight back so we can go tomorrow. Off to downtown now for night two.

Peace and good luck,