WSOPoker Day 12, Event 18, $5k LHE Championship, My end of day 2.

Puuuuuuuuuuke. Ugh. I’m so disappointed right now.

I was more excited about this event than anything, and after the second level of day two everything was right on schedule. I had 60k in chips, was 4th in standing out of 61 remaining players, did a video interview, and then the wheels fell off and the Car Ramrod skid to a grinding halt.

First, I held Q J , opened for a raise, got 3 bet by the SB, the BB called, and I called. Flop T 8 7 . SB bet, BB called, I raised, SB called, BB 3 bet, I called, SB called. Turn x , check, bet, raise, fold, call. River 7 , BB bet, and I threw my cards in the muck. He showed TT. Sick. But – excellent laydown i made.

Then, Ian Johns opened for a raise, I 3 bet K J , the BB called, and Ian called. Flop QT6 one heart. BB check, Ian bets, I call, BB calls. Brick turn, check bet call call, brick river check bet fold fold Ian shows a set.

Then, my big blind, dead small, folds to Ian on the button he raises, I 3 ball 99, he 4 bets, and I check-call him down on the J4628 board. He shows JJ.

Then, I was card dead for many minutes. My stack dwindled from the 60k all the way to 25,500.

A player opens, I 3 bet KK, he calls. Flop 888, I bet, he calls. Turn A (sweet.) I bet, he raises, I fold. He shows an ace.

Down to 12.5k.

Missed a 15 outer, down to 500, lost it all with A4o UTG. So disappointing.

So, I’m taking tomorrow off and going to the lake. I just looked at the schedule and nothing really intrigues me until Friday. I may play a Bellagio event or something. Otherwise, back on the horse Friday for the 2k NLHE.

Peace and good luck,


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