High Stakes 5 Card No-Peeky…

… with allllllll the rules. Hilarious night last night. After busting out of the Full Tilt Sunday Million 130ish (aoiewnfrapomf aowpeifaopmwefopai), I headed over to John D’Agostino and his girlfriend Mariealena’s house for a dinner party that I was late to. The food, even though re-heated, was fantastic! Having a home cooked meal isn’t something that I have the pleasure of enjoying very often, so I was thrilled to be able to attend. Also in attendance were Bryan Micon, Dan Druff, and several other internet kids, so invaritably a game of poker was due to break out.

John and I headed out the door with beer in hand on a great midnight redneck adventure to find some poker chips.

I can see the two plus two thread now: “J Dags and Devo Busto! Buying $10 Set of Poker Chips at Wal Mart!”

That’s where we ended up after checking out CVS and Walgreens. Sigh: poker isn’t as cool as it used to be. I can remember seeing WPT sets of poker chips in seven freaking eleven.

I actually had a moment while John and I were in line. The guy in front of us who looked like a early 50′s asian male that should own a liquor store had a bill for $4.64. He handed the cashier a gift card. She swiped it. It only had $2.66 on it. He then handed her a plastic baggie of change – mostly pennies – and she counted out the dollar ninety-eight. She returned the baggie of change to man and he went on his way.

John and I discussed how humbling that is. How gross is it how little we care about money when a hundred bucks would mean the world to that guy? What is the best balance between charity and protecting your own assets? What is the best answer for chartiy?

So, back to the house to partake in not caring about money, everybody buys in for $200, and game on. The first game we played was a completely mindless seven card no-peeky game. Three board cards were placed out (like a flop) that indicated wild cards. For example – there’s a 3, 6, and J on the board – this means all threes, sixes, and jacks are now wild – nothing else. Then, we go around the table, turning over cards until you can beat the current high hand. Money goes into the pot before the hand with a $5 ante, whenever you get a wild-card for progressive fees: $5, $10, $20, $40… This is the only time you can fold. If you get a wild card and do not want to pay then you can fold your hand. Otherwise, you eventually turn over all your cards and if you can’t beat the high hand you’re cards are dead. The third way for money to go into the pot is if you pre-maturely turn cards in any way, shape, or form, and I was a huge fish when it came to this.

Either way I was bored with this game, John wanted to kick it up, so I suggested Baseball, five card no-peeky, with all the rules. Same format for the game: $5 ante, five down cards to each person that you can’t look at, and players turn over cards one at a time to beat the starter card, penalty for pre-matures, but those are much more rare in this game. Here’s the goofy rules:

* Threes and nines are wild
* Fours are buy cards – for $10 you get an additional card off the top of the deck – and the fours still play.
* If you turn up the K , you get to throw somebody out of the game. LOL.
* If you turn up the J , you get to steal somebody’s up card. Sucks when you get that card early!
* If the Q turns up in any hand, it’s a rain-out, game over, start over later. Re-ante to the same pot and all players that anted in the rain-out are dealt in.

That’s when the things start getting really silly. We were playing $5-20 spread limit and ended up having several pots in the neighborhood of $1k.

Micon got there late, took Druff’s seat, and promptly got stuck $2k. So sick! Even sicker is that he quit about 90 minutes later up $630.

I ended up winning somewhere around $1700 playing this silly game on my buddy’s dining room table. Good times.

Poker wise I’ve been crushing lately, both online and live. I got pretty unlucky yesterday in a couple of spots playing the sunday tournaments deep, but those things happen. Saturday I whacked em good, $2500 online and $2500 live in the 10-20 NL game at the Wynn. I had a couple of encounters with money haters, otherwise I wouldn’t have made so much moniez. I love it when they do that!

Peace and good luck,


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