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(completely unrelated to Justin’s post this time!) I got an e-mail asking why I hadn’t chimed in on the AP stuff since all the new evidence has come out.

If you’re behind on the new stories, here’s the uber laymans version as picked up by the Inquirer.

Reason number one? I’ve been lazy. I missed an article deadline this week and still haven’t blogged about any caesars events including the one that broke my 0 for 26 live tournament cashless streak.

Number two but the real reason: This is bad. It is bad for poker, bad for online poker, and bad for my bankroll. People have claimed for years that they don’t trust online poker for whatever reason, and the extreme ones have claimed that online poker is rigged. Now they have a place to show that online poker was rigged.

Here’s the point. People do stupid things all the time. The whole bad apple ruins the bunch saying. One guy cheats on the highest games on one site and people’s confidence in all sites is shaken even though the site really still is secure.

Obviously this type of cheating was detected, and even less obvious cheating will eventually be detected. It’s really hard to pull something like this off as the level of corruption ran through many people and all the way up on this one that the probability of anything like this happening again is slim. Will it again eventually? Yep. Does it shake my confidence in online poker? Nope. I’m still making money!

Also, I’m playing smaller games. If somebody had this ability, they’re only going to play the biggest games (as they did). Us small, medium, and mid-high stakes fish really don’t have to worry. It’s not possible to train bots to do this sort of thing.

So, if you’re gonna tell people about this story, tell them that some AP exec went postal and took it out on the highest stakes games for a couple of weeks, not that online poker is rigged.

FWIW, I still have a significant percentage of my bankroll online and I’m not worried at all, but I am never going to play at Absolute Poker, mostly because of the way they have handled this situation, not that they got cracked in the first place.

Peace and good luck,


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